You Don’t Get to QUIT

You can cry.
You can throw a tantrum.
You can be disappointed in yourself.
You can even have a pity party….for a second.
But you don’t get to quit. 

Everyone struggles through their fitness journey.  Everyone struggles to get to their goals.  Everyone makes mistakes and falls off their plan.  Everyone gets in a rut and a lot of people quit, but not you.

You don’t get to quit.

You are allowed to make your mistakes. You are allowed to question your strength and feel weak in your weakest moments.  But you aren’t allowed to say, “I suck….I will never get there…maybe I am meant to be fat…”

No, you don’t get to quit.

Strength doesn’t come from being perfect; executing the perfect plan, having your body respond perfectly, be in the perfect motivated mood, getting in the perfect work out or having the stress-free perfect life.  Your strength comes from acknowledging these imperfections and pushing pass them in efforts to overcome the old you. The old you may have been a quitter but this new you knows that she doesn’t get to quit. 

Promise yourself that no matter how hard it gets you won’t ever quit.  Promise yourself that even when it feels impossible you will find a way to pick yourself back up despite it taking days to do so.  You owe it to yourself to never quit because on the other side of this journey is life so beautiful and fulfilling that you’ll never want to go back.

So cry your tears, lecture yourself, veg on the coach and watch your Netflix all weekend long.  Then when you are done put your gym clothes on and prep your meals because deep down you know that you don’t get to quit.



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