Week 10: So Much More To Give

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“Your mind will quit a thousand times before your body will.  Feel the fear and do it anyway.”

This week everything felt harder; my carb cycle changed and my cardio intensity was increased.  In fact, the exact words said when it came down to cardio was, “Go as hard as you can and don’t hold back.  Just do it!”  I would be lying if I said making myself go harder didn’t scare me but I also can recognize that it is easy to stay in my comfort zone of discomfort.  You know, that place that sucks enough to feel pain but bearable enough where you know you will still make it out alive?  We all have that comfort zone of discomfort and I’m no different.

This past Monday afternoon, I decided to quadruple up on sports bras and run as fast as I could until my legs couldn’t keep up and I increased my chances of passing out, throwing up and busting my face on the treadmill with the opportunity to make it on the next Facebook circuit of gym fails.   Luckily my face looks the same and vomiting did not occur.

However, half way through my 20 min of sprints I wanted to quit so damn bad.  I found myself making excuses as to why I couldn’t continue or justified how what I had already accomplished was enough.  I knew it wasn’t enough and I even though I couldn’t feel my feet and time moved so effin slow, I found a way to remind myself that I was wearing big girl panties and decided to finish the damn thing.

My ribs were killing me.

Sweat was dripping from my wrists.

The lighting in the room was starting to dim and I could barely catch my breath.

It was the most rewarding moment of hell I have ever experienced.


It was in my moments of trying to desperately recover that I realized I made it out alive.  I didn’t die, the pain was temporary and I may have grunted out a few F bombs, but I was alive.  Not only did I live to do it again, but there was so much untapped strength and unused effort that I had no idea existed.  That in itself was the greatest gift that HIIT cardio could ever give me.  Don’t get me wrong, I still despise sprints or any form of cardio that makes me feel like I’ll never make it in one piece, but I can’t help but appreciate this realization that my body is capable of much more than what I give it credit for.  Man, I’m looking forward to seeing what else I can do to share more of my near death experiences.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable and amazing things will happen.

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