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Spinning is all the rage these days and I never understood why.  I’ve been to a couple of spin classes and I enjoyed them, but nothing that ever brought me back for more.  It’s possible my bleh-reaction to spinning could be blamed on my ex and that his idea of exercise bonding was riding bike for 6 hours a day every freakin’ weekend.  Just the thought of those weekends makes my ass cheek clench from the seat pain and a big “NEVER AGAIN” flashes in my head. Needless to say, I vowed that my ass would never sit on one of those painful bike seats again.

Never say never.

My sister has been going to The Madison in Tempe for a while now and continuously brags about how much fun it is. She has invited me to go a few times and despite my nod and smile I knew that would never happen.  But then she invited me to an Nsync vs BSB Spin Party and that “no” quickly turned into “When? Where? What time?”.  Growing up as an Nsync fan you just learn to say yes to anything Nsync related.  All my self promises went out the door knowing that I could be reliving some teenage memories on a bike with my boy band lovers.

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The Studio itself is a cute trendy boutique that makes you feel instantly cool to be apart of it.  Since I registered for the class online there was no waiting or paperwork to be done. I gave me name, got my shoes and walked upstairs to the studio.  As a first timer, your bike shoes are free but current members pay $2 every time.  I’ve actually never done a spin class in the right shoes so that little touch was a FullSizeRender (74)great member experience and made my ride more enjoyable.

Walking into the studio made me feel like I was on the Justin Timberlake set  of the “Rock Your Body” music video. Light bulbs every where.  The space was initially tight but once you get on your bike it no longer seems to be an issue as you’re greeted and helped by the people who worked there to set up your bike and explain how it all works.  Major plus if you don’t know what you are doing.

My sister warned me that our instructor was hard and insane;  Running around with glow sticks and wearing sun glasses in a dark room like a nut case.   I may be into fitness, but I’d be lying if I wasn’t a little concerned.  I don’t do cardio so I already knew this was going to be hard but the only thing keeping me in positive spirits was knowing that if I was going to die it was going to be during JC’s solo of “This I Promise You”.

AFullSizeRender (75)s you can tell by this post I didn’t die but I had a lot of fun! The boy band playlist was awesome, the remakes played were even better, the instructor was killing it and everyone was singing along like we were at a concert.  Our instructor even got up dancing like he was one Lou Pearlman’s Orlando Orginals and added a little Nsync “Bye Bye Bye” choreography to our workout which made my little teeny-bopper heart smile.

Nsync may have been the reason why I eagerly signed up for this class but the party energy and excitement is definitely the reason why I am going back for more!

For more information on The Madison in Tempe, AZ check out their website here.


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