Letting Go – Managing Stress

I’ve always struggled to manage my stress, caring less, worrying about things that I had no control over, and frustrated dealing with people who had little common sense.

My dad always said, “You cannot control other people and their reaction, but you can control how you react to people.” And I never argued with that because he is right. Why react to someone and allow them to manipulate your feelings?

Lately, I’ve fallen deep into the trap of letting someone get the best of me. I’ve often had the conversation with myself where I thought, “Kristine, why are you letting this obviously incompetent person bring you down? You are fighting with what? An idiot. And yet your day is ruin and you continuously come into this place dreading to be around them.  This is stupid!”  And yet, did I listen? No. I continued to let them chip away at my soul, target my work ethic and dim my light. I allowed this and I let the stress in and consume me.

Well, no more. The timing of recent events this week has not been lost on me. I always notice signs and don’t believe in “coincidences”.  The Universe (or God) is trying to tell me something and I need to pay attention.

“Kristine, shut up. You are better than this. Something bigger is up ahead and you are in control of your destiny. Let this ruin you or let this grow you. You are better than this, now prove it!”

This is the time to get it together and learn to let go. Exhale the BullShit.  My future depends on it because I will only continue to hurt myself by investing in something or someone who doesn’t deserve the time and energy.  If it doesn’t serve me in a positive way then it should not have my attention and I know this, but it is always easier said than done.  My sleep is affected, my fitness has taken a back seat and I have no motivation to accomplish my personal goals.  The stress is greatly impacting who I am and who I have worked hard to become and I miss that girl. I miss her badly and I know she is not gone, just lost and I can get her back. I just…I just have to let go.

How do you manage your stress and not let people and things negatively affect you?

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Life, Friends & Fitness

Oh man, guys! May has been one hell of a month for me.  I normally live a very tame, predictable life but May…oh no. The Universe wanted to make sure that I started my new year in my thirties with a bang. Let’s recap real quick –

1st week of May – Moved into my very own house!

 2nd week of May – My 31st Birthday and trip to NY to visit my family. 

3rd week of May –  Celebrating my birthday with my Arizona Friends

And now I am finishing of this month with some of my friends who have hit some milestones in their life. 

I’ve enjoyed this month but damn, I am ready for a break!

I didn’t recap my Whole 30 experience on the blog but to watch how it went, check out my recent YouTube video. I finished the Whole 30 right before my trip to NY which ended up being perfect. Unfortunately, I did not slowly introduce myself to food.  At first, everything felt ok but as this month progressed, I’ve begun to notice the side effects of my lazy, processed eating.

Acne, lack of energy, more anxiety, waking up
exhausted, bloating, weight gain…

Le Sigh.

I want to beat myself up now because I’ve made many great changes, but Rome wasn’t built-in the day and neither were nutritional habits. I’ve not only gotten completely side track with my post W hole 30 plan, but I’m going on two months of not getting my butt in the gym. But it’s ok, I’m getting myself back on track and working on my plans and goals as we speak.

I’m in a really great place in my life and I’m trying to balance all my social and personal changes with my fitness goals.  This is a new task for me but I am excited to share it all with you!

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