100-year-old breaks world records

FullSizeRender (29)This past weekend an 100-year-old man, Don Pellmann, broke 5 world records at the San Diego Senior Olympics.   5 world records…100 years old…what in the world?!  Aside from being impressed by the age and athletic ability of this man, he also shared with us some wise tips on his health ways of the world.  In his Fox Interview he was asked what was the key to his success.

His response?

Eat sensibly and exercise.

Hold the press! That’s it? That’s Don’s trick? No pill, no voodoo drink every morning? Fasting? Carbs? Fats? What?? Just eat sensibly and exercise?

Yes guys, it’s that simple. There isn’t a formula and it’s not that complicated; people make it complicated. Eat sensibly and exercise! What I love about Don’s interview is that he mentions he never had a coach or trainer which goes to show you don’t NEED to hire someone to make changes towards being healthy. Sure, trainers are great and if you can find a way to fit it into your budget, which I know you can if you stopped buying all the bullshit you don’t really need, then that’s great. But if for some reason you cannot make it work to hire a trainer then just get moving and start eating sensibly. Read and research, ask questions, experiment, take risks, but most importantly just START something and STOP making excuses.

If Don can break 5 world records at 100 years old then why can’t you get off your couch?

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Ground Beef with Olives

This recipe is super easy and quick to make even in large quantities which makes it perfect for meal prepping.  Make it your own by adding your favorite variety of olives from your local olive ball.


FullSizeRender (25)Ingredients:

2 lbs. grass fed ground beef

1 clove garlic (minced)

¼ cup green onions (finely chopped)

2 cups pitted olives of your choice

Salt and Pepper to taste

1 cup cooked = 339 calories, 32g of protein 23 grams fat, o carb


Brown hamburger in large skillet on medium heat.  Add garlic, onions, and salt and pepper.  Cook all ingredients until hamburger is cooked thoroughly, usually about 15-20 minutes.  Turn off heat and add the olives.  Cover and let sit for about 2-3 minutes.   You want the olives to be warm but not overcooked.  Enjoy!

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Online Dating: Why I Find It Annoying

FullSizeRender (23)

They say you meet your significant other either at work or at school. Well,  when I graduated college and moved to Arizona I worked at a ballroom dance studio. Do I need to elaborate? The other option is through friends and at that point my closest friend was gay. I basically set myself for an unlimited supply of girlfriends and gay affection.  After years of figuring my way through Arizona I decided to sign up for online dating to see what was out there.  This time I went on a couple of dates and they were fine;  nothing terribly too creepy except my one Baby Cop story that I love to share so much.  Don’t worry, you’ll hear it soon enough!

I did not stay online for too long because Baby J, that shit is exhausting!  It can be a fun distraction to be able to talk to so many “available” men, but it can also feel like a part time job to get through those dreadful messages to find the interesting personality.

When you first sign up you start receiving a mind blowing amount of emails and for a second you think you have hit the jack pot until you open up these messages and you see, “hey.” There is nothing more frustrating than a man who opens up the conversation with one word. Like really, what am I supposed to do with that? One time I responded with a smart ass “hi.” and I got a “what’s up?” Delete.

If you are lucky enough to receive more than a “hey” then you are probably getting something like “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” I wish I was making this up. One time I got a message that said, “wanna f*ck?” and his only pic was of his body in boxers.  My response, “sorry, your legs are too skinny.” I would have declined his invitation regardless the size of his legs but they really were too skinny. Friends don’t let friends skip leg day folks. He eventually responded back with “wow. No wonder why you are single.” Uh huh, yep! Clearly my pickiness for leg size is the reason why I cannot get a man. Delete.

Every once and a while you come across a message that is actually enticing.  Then you check out their profile and they are 45 and live in Alaska. What the hell am I going to do with that? Delete.

Personal favorite – open the message and decide you aren’t interested. The next day you receive a message that says, “what am I ugly?”  Really sir? Where is your dignity? If I don’t reply it is because I am not interested, get over it. You may not have been ugly but now you are ugly AND annoying. Delete.

When it comes to online dating people seem to think they can get away with lying about their physical appearance; unless you intend on dating the blind this is not going to work. So men let me make this clear….5’11 and 6ft are not one in the same. You might be able to fool a midget but you cannot fool a 5’8″ woman who loves her 5inch heels. I’ve learned that a man who is between the height if 5’8″ and 5’11” seem to think they can get away with rounding up. Guys, we may be a lot of things but stupid isn’t one of them. I learned to go into a date expecting the shortest.

My rounds of online dating lasted about 6 weeks before I got burnt out. It is tiring trying force conversation with these men that insist on messaging but can’t form a sentence and idiots who had elephantiasis of the balls sitting behind a computer screen. I’ve heard this works for many people and maybe it will for me one day, but for now I am still holding out hope for that true American Love story….

Boy meets Girl at the gym.  Girl loves Boy’s Traps.  Boy asks girl how much she deadlifts and if she wants to grab a shake after her lift.  Girl plays it cool but is freaking out on the inside.  Boy proposes standing because he is too buff and inflexible to actually get on one knee.  Girl totes says yes and freaks out on the outside.  They make buff babies; live in an Iron Castle and live Happily Swole Together.

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Chicken Sliders

FullSizeRender (22)Sliders are a great staple of football season.  This is an excellent option that is gluten free and low carb.  You can also substitute ground chicken with beef or bison if you prefer.  Feel free to mix and match your toppings as well.  Enjoy!


1 lb ground chicken

1 medium egg

2 tablespoons olive oil

4 medium avocados

1 clove garlic (minced)

3 slices mozzarella cheese

1 medium cucumber (sliced)

8 small tomatoes (sliced in half)

Fresh Cilantro (Chopped)

Juice of one medium lime

Chicken patties:

Combine ground chicken with raw egg and mix well.  Form into small patties.  You should get close to a dozen.  Add olive oil to medium frying panIMG_0926 and heat over medium until oil is warm.  Place the patties in the pan and cook for about 4 min before turning.  Cook on other side for an additional 2-3 min.  Salt and pepper to taste.


Peel and pit avocados into large mixing bowl.  Add garlic, cilantro, and lime juice.  Mix well.

Assemble the Sliders:

Slice the cucumber and tomatoes.  You will use these in place of a breaded bun.  Place cooked chicken patty on cucumber or tomato slice.  Top with guacamole and cheese.  Place other half of tomato or cucumber on top.  Use a toothpick to hold together.  Enjoy!

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Be Encouraged

FullSizeRender (21)It’s very easy to get lost in the disappointments of your life.  It’s even easier to transform these disappointments into feelings of failures, but the truth is these “failures” are in your life because the road you are on is ending short for a reason.   I know, I hate hearing that “everything happens for a reason”.  My immediate response to that person is to yell “F*CK YOUR REASON!” but you can’t because then you are considered aggressive and negative…


Right when you think you’ve figured things out, you got your diet on point, your routine on schedule and life just feels easy, BAM…the Universe (or God) plays a nice fat joke on you.

“Don’t get too comfortable”, it says, “this isn’t the end of your road.”

These are the times when your character is tested;  are you going to keep repeating the same patterns of self-pity or will you keep pushing and dig for that light at the end of the tunnel?  Nobody can tell you how you are supposed to react during your tough times.  You are entitled to your reactions, your feelings and thoughts but we all know sitting in negativity for too long breeds negativity to be drawn to you.    Because of that find a way to feel encouraged.


The world will not always offer you encouragement.  Often you must supply your own.  Many times you’ll have good reason to feel sorry for yourself.  Yet you can just as easily choose to feel encouraged about yourself. 

Reach deep inside and find the goodness that is always there, the goodness you may have forgotten about. 

Fell the positive purpose that nothing can take away from you.  You are worthy and relevant, effective and capable of the very best.  Remind yourself often.  

Keep in mind that every disappointment is temporary.  Every frustration can be overcome.  There is every reason to persist, to endure and to move forward with the most positive of expectations.  Because deep within, you know you can. – DailyOM

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5 Things Your Personal Trainer Will Flip Shit Over

We are one of the lucky ones to go to work to do what we love, but let’s face it nobody gets into the industry for the money.  Yes, there are plenty of successful Fitness Professionals out there but this isn’t a career known for its millions.  So to have the will to be in this industry comes with serious health and fitness passion paired with the desire to help people.  No matter how much we love coming to work there are definitely some things that will make us flip some serious shit.

  • Cleaning Up After Your Crap. Do you move all your furniture around and block hallways?  Do you pee all over your toilet seat and leave toilet paper on the ground?  Do you leave your sweaty crotch juice all over your furniture and not wipe it down? I hope you just got a disgusting visual with the idea of “sweaty crotch juice” because it is that disgusting!  Nobody in the club, members or employees, should have to follow you around with a towel to make sure machines and benches are usable for the next person.   Do everyone a favor and practice being an adult and clean up your shit. If your gym has towels to use then take as many as you want, but for Christ’s sake DO NOT use the gym equipment as towel racks.  This isn’t a damn laundry mat!
  • When You Know What You Should Be Doing And Do The Opposite But Expect Results.  I once had a client who went on a starvation diet.  I made myself very clear that this was the dumbest thing they could, but of course they didn’t listen to me. Two weeks later they were surprised to see that their body fat went up and couldn’t understand why.   I go into yet another explanation on how this starvation diet was stupid and before I could finish my sentence he goes, “Your body thinks it’s starving so it stores body fat…”  I am pretty sure at that moment I wanted to chuck a weight at him.  If you know that starving yourself isn’t going to get results, binge drinking is counterproductive or skipping workouts delays your progress then stop effin doing it AND acting surprised that your aren’t progressing.  Nobody is perfect so you will have your mistakes, but when you know are doing the wrong thing  and act shocked at the results then I’m going to flip shit.
  • When You Say “I Can’t” But Don’t Even Try.  There is NOTHING about exercising that feels good while you are doing it; I mean even stretching can feel uncomfortable. If exercising was easy and then people would do it, but it’s not.  There is progression to your body’s strength and the last thing we would ever want to do is set you up for failure.  As your trainer, we want you to leave our sessions feeling accomplished and confident in what you are doing so if we tell you to do something it is because we KNOW you can. Personally, I have a lot of patience for people but I flip my shit when someone is full of “I can’t” and has a little baby tantrum crying over their discomfort and they haven’t even tried it.  JUST STOP! It hurts because you are deconditioned.  We are working together because you are deconditioned.  You decided to make a change because you are tired of being deconditioned.  There is nothing about moving that is going to feel great as you are deconditioned so stop complaining and let me do what you hired me for – help you get better! By the way, nothing gets easier because you get stronger.  It actually gets harder because you are stronger and you should see that as a personal compliment.
  • When You Forget We Have Time Off Too. We love you, we really do.  When we tell you we are there for you, we mean that.  When we say to text/call/email me anytime we also mean that.  But we also expect you to know the difference between an urgent matter and a question that can wait till our next session or at least a workday.  We spend endless hours educating others on the importance of living healthier and taking care of themselves that it is very easy to put our health and time on the back burner. So when we have personal time that personal time is very valuable.  The last thing we want is to be bothered with messages about things that can wait and then have you get mad at us because we aren’t as responsive.  We don’t mean to be rude, but at some point we have to figure out when to leave work at work and be a real person that isn’t defined by their job.
  • When You Confuse Us For A Personal Assistant. It doesn’t happen often, but there is always that one client that thinks the title “Personal Trainer” means “Personal Anything-I-want-Trainer”.   We are not genies that grant you wishes and you are not paying us to do your research on the latest and greatest home gym equipment. If you want our opinions or have questions about things you are looking into then by all means we will give you our input.  If we need to look into more research to give you a final opinion then we may even do that for you.  But don’t say, “I want to buy a stair master.  Find me the best one.”  Don’t expect us to use our personal time to google something you could have easily done.

Personal Trainers are very generous with their time, compassionate with your journey and practice a lot of patience because this process is a learning curve.   We cater to a lot of different personalities; some are easy to bond with and others take more work to build.  Either way, we are emotionally invested in seeing you grow and get stronger, but if you want to see us flip shit then take advantage of our passion and treat us like the help.   So be a Peach and don’t make us fire you because nobody wins that way.

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