Not the same Beauty In The Buff

Last time you heard from me and I had an exciting New Years Vlog with all the plans (resolutions) I made. And in true resolution form, those plans didn’t last a week BUT with good reason!

A week after I made my 2017 plans, I hit a wall. It wasn’t a bad wall, in fact, I knew it was good, but I couldn’t figure out what was happening.  It was like I could literally feel myself in the middle of transition but I didn’t know where my life was going.  Everything that once motivated me was no longer important, especially with the blog/vlog.  Since I’ve lived in Arizona, I’ve spent my life trying to find things to make me feel important because I didn’t feel at home. I needed a positive distraction to find my purpose while I let life run its course. Out of nowhere, I finally felt like I was exactly where I should be and I made the decision to make an effort in creating my home here, establishing genuine relationships and enjoying myself more!

This didn’t mean I gave up on fitness, competing or “Beauty In The Buff”, but I did need to take a break from my goal focused mentality and live in the moment which is exactly what I’ve been doing.  I will be back on the blog and Youtube, but I am going back to how it all started; documenting life-discovery through fitness.

I started “Beauty In The Buff “when I made my decision to compete for the first time. Through that experience, I found a whole new life and documented the whole discovery process.  I  lost sight of what I enjoyed about blogging and try to change my direction, but that direction isn’t me. I am still discovering life and Fitness continue to be a huge component in creating the woman I am today.   I know I will lose some followers as this blog will quickly transition into more of a personal blog than anything, but that’s ok.

So here is a quick recap of what has been going on and what you’ll be seeing more of in the near future:

  • I’ve decided to commit to Arizona and purchase a home (on the house hunting quest as we speak)!
  • Because of my decision to buy a home, my summer show will be postponed.  I need to buy my house to be able to figure out my competition budget. Also, the June show I wanted to do is not happening anymore.
  • Since I’m not focussed on a particular show, I’ve incorporated powerlifting and swimming in my fitness routine for some variety. I am working on cutting for the summer since bikini seasons is sneaking up on us.
  • I’ve been going out more, meeting new friends, not quite dating but my interest in putting myself out there again is beginning to peak.

Thanks for following, Squirrelfriends.  I hope to be able to entertain you while I work on this thing called “Life”.

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