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Hello My Lovelies and Welcome Back!

So the last post I promised you that I would give you more insight of my next fitness goal; a photo shoot!

I’m really excited about this.  I’ve always wanted to do a photo shoot for myself, not because I am prepping, but just because.  I get to dictate how I want to look, I don’t need to be compared against any other woman and I don’t need to worry about a certain number or look.  What I like is what I shoot. It will be a fitness shoot so I do have a “physique” in mind, but this is all for me and only me.  Not for a trophy, just for me.

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The photo shoot is set to happen in LA during the second week of February so I still have some time and have been prepping for about two months.  I am not tracking my food as far as macros go, but I am measuring so I know where I am starting from and how to decrease from there.  This is my first time not be strict and more “intuitive” with my dieting and it is working out pretty well.  I’m not stressed and I feel “normal”.  As far as my training goes, I just signed up for the Bret Contreras’ Personalized Programming and I’m loving it so far.

If you don’t know who Bret Contreras is, he is known as the “Glute Guy” and is intelligent as all hell when it comes to the body (you should seriously read his stuff!!).   His program for me isn’t anything ground breaking or nothing I couldn’t program, but being the normal human I am, I get stuck in my comfort zone and need that extra push by someone I respect to get me out of it.  The workload as far as reps and sets are less than I am use to but it is forcing me to push myself harder than I have in order to make it “hard”. I love what it is doing to my body (I’m sore!) and my mind. I’m noticing my strength and my reflection in a positive way. If you have $99 a month to fit into your budget and need help with a program (this does not come with nutrition) and are pretty good at holding yourself accountable, then I highly suggest you give this a try!

I’m looking forward to the changes in my body as this is the first time I am cutting not for a trophy or out of self-hatred, but just because I want to see my gains!  This is a first for me and it’s kind of scary, but all kinds of good.

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