“Courage doesn’t happen when you have all the answers.  It happens when you are ready to face the questions you have been avoiding your whole life.” Shannon L. Adler

When I started “Beauty In The Buff”, I documented my journey through my first show and revealed little bits and pieces of the emotional battles I was dealing with throughout the process.  Then I
transformed it to a fitness focus/Mental empowerment place.  Now…now, I am cycling back to the beginning.

I wish I could keep up the fitness focus content, but truly, I’ve never been one to hide who I am no matter how guarded I may be.  This is where I am at in life.  I’m emotional and highly aware of my self-sabotaging behavior.  The truth is, I’m finally accepting events that occurred 20+ years ago that I denied and suppressed.  As you can imagine, after acknowledgment, the protective shield I once I had is quickly crumbling down.

Don’t get me wrong. As emotional, this process is for me, it’s also very good.  I am aware. So aware, that it scares me. I haven’t figured out what to do with all of this information but I am working with a therapist to sort through these past pains and current behavioral habits.  If you haven’t been following, I’ve vaguely discussed this on the new YouTube Series “Metamorphosis“.  I’ll continue to vlog and blog and express myself in whatever way that helps me heal.  I will in time reveal more as to what I am dealing with and hope to lift some weight off my shoulders while doing it.

I would normally apologize for the change in direction, but this is me. My blog is Me and written (first) for me.  I hope you stay around but understand if this isn’t your jam anymore. Thank you for supporting me through the ups and downs and I hope you stay around to watch me come out stronger!

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