Gym Etiquette: 6 Rules You Should Know About the Gym

If you are a Gym Goer then you’ve heard of the term “Gym Etiquette”.  Gym Etiquette is a list of rules that every gym member should follow when working out with other people they don’t know.  Unfortunately, these rules don’t come with your Welcome Kit when you sign up to gym for the first time but it really should.  Some of these rules could be considered “common sense” but there is a surprisingly large quantity of people who do not have this kind of intelligence. Other rules are things you learn with experience as you continue to grow into your fitness journey.    Here is a list of 6 basic rules of Gym Etiquette that you should know before entering any gym.

Talk to Trainers When They Aren’t Busy

 Trainers are there to help you whether you are paying or not.  So if you have a question then feel free to approach them, but use some common sense.  If they are with a client and you have one question then interrupting the session for a quick answer isn’t a big deal.  In fact, they would be happy to help even if they are with someone.  However, when you have more than one question and need a 5 minute explanation on your form then do it when they are free.  As a Trainer, our intention is to never make you feel unworthy of our time because you aren’t paying us.  However, if someone is paying us then we put all of our focus on them.  Don’t put us in an uncomfortable position to take away from a paid client and make you feel less than welcomed.

Clean Up After Yourself

This is a gym and we all know you are going to sweat.  It’s sad that I need to say this, but wipe down your sweat.  Don’t leave the puddle there for someone else to gag when they see it.  What blows my mind are the bald guys that KNOW they are sweaters and don’t put in a second though about leaving their DNA puddle on the bench.  Why oh why? Is your house this dirty too? You disgust me.

Re-Rack Your Weights

 If you have the strength to put 4-45lb plates on a machine then you have the strength to put them back. Do be the asshole to leave a pile of heavy dumbbells in the middle of the floor just because you are too lazy to pick your shit up.  Be a good human and re-rack your weights so that the rest of the club can enjoy equipment without having to deal with your mess.

Wear Deodorant

Yes, I need to remind some people to wear deodorant.  You are going to smell, everyone is going to smell but that is why deodorant was created. So go out to the store, buy some and put it on before your lifting session.  Oh, and dipping yourself in a pool of AXE body spray does not make you smell good.  In fact, it heightens the smells of dirty gym socks and makes it very clear you are trying to cover something up.  It. Does.  Not.  Help.  In those instances, less is more.

Don’t Monopolize Equipment

I understand that sometimes you’ll have some awesome workouts that require more than one machine in a circuit, but understand that there is a time and place to “reserve” your equipment.  Do not monopolize equipment during prime time hours.  If the only time you are able to work out is during peak hours then you need to change your plan or else you are just an asshole ruining everyone else’s workout experience.  If you insist on running between 3 different machines for your circuit then be prepared to let others work in with you.  There is no reason why your sweaty towel needs to occupy a machine while you are off using two more pieces of equipment.  Sharing is caring and if you aren’t using it then let someone else get in their set.

Get Off The Phone

Listen, if you are going to be on your phone (talking or texting) then do so. But don’t take up machines and use them as a chair so that you can socialize during a time where people are trying to put in work and leave.  If you must be on your phone then step off to the side, handle your business and let everyone workout.  When you are ready to join the rest of the kids then put your phone down and get back to work.

The rules of Gym Etiquette could go on but these are the basics that won’t piss people off if you follow them respect your fitness environment.  So be courteous to your neighbors, clean up after yourself and smash the shit out of your workouts!

What are your “must know” rules of Gym Etiquette? 

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