Guest Post: 7 Must-Know Fitness Tips to Score Your Best Body

FullSizeRender (68)It is seen that the majority of women are not happy with their body structure. They feel that they have to go for either a cosmetic procedure or a very stringent dietary schedule, which actually are unnecessary. Are you one among them?

Some of us are trying to lose the body fat and some are trying to get the body in right shape. The most reliable way to attain the body of your choice is to increase your physical activity and, this is possible for one and all. You will now read about the 7 physical-exercise related tips that will help you to get the body that you always dreamt of!

  1. Add variety to your workouts: Do not stick to the same workout regimen, as it will hinder you in achieving the body you want. Make it a point to keep changing your exercise pattern for every 15 days and, you will very soon see the result that you want.  A research carried out by the University of Florida states that this aspect of variety in workouts prevents boredom and keeps the person constantly motivated.
  2. Exercise daily: This is a very vital element, which is often misunderstood as “vigorous exercise every day.” Well, that is nothing but sheer myth! The truth is that even if you are having at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity workout daily, it would suffice. But, do not avoid physical exercise altogether.
  3. Go for weight training: Your exercise routine must include even weight training to strengthen the muscles as well as the bones. The weight training also ensures that the calories get burnt even when you rest. Here, the circuit type of workout is the best, as it both melts fat and also builds lean muscle.
  4. Be realistic: You must note that scoring the best body is a journey to be completed steadily and patiently. Do not expect overnight results! Instead, set realistic goals like shedding about 5 pounds in 30 days. If you persevere in this way, you will eventually see yourself as you desire!  On the contrary, if you set impractical goals like seeing a change in only a span of few days, failure then becomes inevitable.
  5. Do crunches, squats and push-ups: Include crunches, squats and push-ups in your workout regimen. It has been seen that you derive maximum benefits from these exercises, provided you do them properly. These exercises subject your body to minimum strain and thus are safe.    
  6. Never skip the post-workout meal: Many women go with the misconception that, having a meal immediately after the workout adds back the calories that they just expended. But, the fact is that the post-workout meal not just rejuvenates the body, but also contributes to the long-term goal of having a fit body.   
  7. Consume enough water: It is imperative that you consume enough water while exercising, as it will immensely help you to both lose weight and enhance the body metabolism.  You lose some water from your body while you exercise. Hence, it is only when you drink sufficient water that your will able to give your best, during workouts. If you ignore the importance of water consumption, you are at a risk of experiencing muscle cramps and diminished energy levels.

You are now aware of the 7 vital tips. Just note that even a journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. Take the first step and start exercising with these tips in mind! And, before too long, you will have the body that you always longed for!

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