Chocolate Protein “Latte”

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There are two different coffee lovers in this world; the one who loves coffee because they need it and if they could inject it in their blood every two hours they would.  These coffee lovers usually enjoy the taste of black coffee. Then you have the other kind of coffee lover who could careless about the taste of coffee and may even not get any energy from it, but love all the sugary ways you can have it. It’s like a sweet warm drinkable desert…Mmmm…

If you haven’t figured out I am the second kind of coffee lover and sometimes I will purposely avoid buying coffee creamer because I know I don’t need my morning coffee and should probably chill out on all the sugar.  I constantly struggle finding ways to satisfy my sweet tooth with my coffee desert until now!



about 3g of carbs / 6g of protein / 6g of fat

About 1/3 cup of Cashew Milk

About 1/4 of a scoop of Chocolate Protein or Vanilla if you prefer

1/2 Tbsp of Butter

1 cup of Coffee

Cinnamon and Stevia to taste

The measurements aren’t exact and you’ll have to adjust to your taste. I use Cashew Milk because I can’t have Coconut or Almond but feel free to substitute. I also didn’t use espresso but if you can do that at home this would make for a better latte.  Blend your milk, protein, butter and stevia  while your coffee brews.  I suggest heating this up for a few seconds in your microwave to keep the drink hot.  Add your coffee to the mixture and blend. Poor into you cup and top with cinnamon.


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