Changes That Happen When You Become a #FitChick

Fitness ModelsBeing “girly” takes a back seat.

There was a time in your life where make up was a must, cute bras were a thing and you had more heels and handbags to last you a month without repeating.  Then you started lifting and loving it.  So what happens? Your heels have been replaced with sneakers, your purses barely see the sun because your hands are full carrying your gallon of water, six pack bag and gym bag and cute bras don’t belong under your cute muscle tees. Ok they might, but not in the gym.  Becoming a #FitChick has now given you two advantages in life; you’re always ready for an impromptu workout and you’re prepared for the zombie apocalypse.  The girl running in heels and a handbag is definitely going to die, but you won’t because you’ve got on some Nikes and muscles.  Winning!

“Does my ass look big in this?” takes a whole new meaning.

There use to be a time when asking that question and getting a “yes” was straight up depressing.  But now, that “yes” is music to your ears.  I mean, after all the days you spend cringing as you sit on the toilet after leg day you better hope your ass gets bigger!  We aren’t squatting for our health here….. that would just be silly.

You stop worrying about your weight as much.

Before lifting all you could worry about is the scale number getting smaller.  That was all you wanted and all you cared about and it didn’t matter where the loss came from or how you did it; You felt “good” at that lower weight.  Then you start lifting and eating differently to build and shape your body and what happens? Your body fat stays around the athletic mark but your weight goes up. Well shit, now it’s time to brag about it because you got gainz!

Food is no longer your enemy.

And one glorious morning you wake up and realize “Wait, I need to eat more food to lose body fat? I need to eat more food to gain muscle? I can eat more carbs? More fats? I CAN EAT DONUTS AND NOT DIE?!?! WHY DIDN’T ANYBODY TELL ME THIS?”  Well, they have been but you just refused to listen.   That’s ok.   It only took 10 years and 550 cycles of crashing dieting to figure it out, but at least you are on the right path now.


Turning into a #FitChick has so many perks in life; you start to learn what feels good for your body, you enjoy sweets guilt-free and you become so strong you could crack a walnut between your legs. But most importantly the confidence you gain from all the hard work you put into the gym spills over into other areas of your life and nobody can take that away from you because you’re a #FitChick.

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