Whole 30: Week 2 (What I’m Learning)

Let’s just say I’m doing like a Whole 20-something because I cheated again. Yes, yes, I know, but honestly, I don’t care.  True, I’m not getting the full effects of the program but I’m learning a lot which is what I wanted.  This isn’t about weight loss for me like it is for some.  This is about changing my dietary habits for the long run and paying attention to my body and how it really responds to food.

So what have I learned?

Well, I cheated Sunday night and it took me TWO full days to recover from this cheat of processed, high sugar, high carbs, high shit-filled meal.  Yes, two freakin’ full days! I  was exhausted, run down, couldn’t sleep well and was cranky AF.   In some ways, I was disappointed because after 3 days of amazing energy I was literally back to the way I felt and the way I’ve always felt not realizing I could feel better.  On the flip side, it made me realized that my body really does not handle this type of processed crap.

  • highly processed crap that is loaded with sugar/carbs/shitstorm of chemicals = totes no Bueno.  
  • A meal with simple carbohydrates like bread or pasta, I could handle but in moderation. Like for real…moderation. 

It gave me a new appreciation of my body and how smart it is; it really does what it wants depending on how you take care of it.  If I really, truly, invest in smarter choices than my body will pay me back in return with happy, sustainable energy.  The rest of the week I worked to get myself back on track and my urges to eat processed foods have slowly diminished because it’s not worth it. I’m loving how I feel when I’m not eating crap and I’m mad it has taken me so long to really experience and take note of the difference, but it all begins with mindset. I wasn’t ready until now!

Check out this week’s vlog: Adulting So Hard! #homeowner

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The Whisper Challenge

Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Holiday with their loved ones.  I know I sure am!  Check out The Whisper Challenge my family and I did on our Christmas getaway to Sedona, Arizona. 
What’s The Whisper Challenge?  It’s where one person wears headphones, listening to really loud music while trying to interpret what the other person is saying.  It’s ridiculous good fun. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Merry Christmas Squirrelfriends!

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