17 Weeks Out till NPC Natural Western USA

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5th Place at NPC Muscle Beach Championships August 2013

Ahh yes…we’re back, back to prepping!  If you know me personally then you know I’ve mentioned competing again and I may have even said that I was currently prepping and then stopped.  Truth is, competing is always on my mind but for the longest time I wasn’t truly ready to make the necessary changes and commitment to do what I needed to do.

This time I am ready to not just train hard but to challenge myself.  My mindset is of a different one then my first show prep; I am happier and healthier and the gym has just become part of my lifestyle.

I am excited to see what my body looks like this time around being that I’ve spent almost a 3 solid years working out for myself.  I’ve put on some decent muscle and have increased my metabolism.   Even though I did a show before and I’m at a better starting point there is nothing about this show prep that is going to be easy or comfortable.  My recent motto is “get comfortable with being uncomfortable” and that is exactly what I plan to do this time around.

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I also plan to do some exciting things for the blog for this prep.  On my “personal blog” on the site, I plan to update you every Sunday with things I’ve discovered or events that happened to me through this prep, but I also plan to add the element of vlogging (finally!).  On the vlog, I’ll give you the in on how I am balancing life and prep at the same time.  My goal is to make this prep as part of my life as possible without isolating and making it my sole purpose in life like last time.  With the Holidays coming up I plan to stay committed but I know it will be a challenge. So I’ll take you through my daily life and add in some workout videos to help give you inspiration as well.

I’m really excited to go through this again and have you guys there by my side like last time!

So here we go….#17weeksout

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