Be Thankful for the Body You Have…at Every Stage.

Imagine what life would be like if you lost the ability to pick up a plastic fork and feed yourself dinner? Or if your significant other and two little girls had to wipe you down with a towel and call that a “bath” as you laid in a hospital bed? It’s hard to imagine, right? Unfortunately, those are the kind of memories that are so embedded in my brain that I don’t remember what life was like before my mom got hurt. My mom was as healthy as any woman could be minus the ruptured disk in her neck that would forever change her life.  Despite the chronic pain, you can never dream of a day where your only two choices in life were to either learn how to move a body that no longer felt like yours or lay in bed and watch the world crumble in front of you.

As I get closer to the show and the urgency of getting lean is increasingly emphasized, I start to nitpick all the things I need to see change. My lower belly isn’t flat enough, my shoulders aren’t round enough, my butt isn’t round enough…should I do more cardio? Work out harder? Sleep more?…. My weight, my weight for crying out loud isn’t moving!

I won’t be effin’ ready.

And then I remember that this show is only a tiny part of what is important in life.  Having a body that is capable of going through these intense changes is a blessing and I am lucky to  have the opportunities that I have been given, the support team around me and most importantly my health.   While I am over here stressing out about a flatter stomach there is someone in the world, like my mom, who lost the ability to be in control over their body.  It’s funny how the tiny bubble we live in weighs so heavy on our shoulders that we forget how blessed we truly are.

So yes,  getting frustrated over your fitness progress will happen and that is ok.  I mean, if you didn’t really want something then you wouldn’t make the effort or give two shits about what results you’re getting.  But lets not forget how fortunate you are to even have a body to take through this journey.

After all, you could be learning how to feed yourself again…


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