Be Encouraged

FullSizeRender (21)It’s very easy to get lost in the disappointments of your life.  It’s even easier to transform these disappointments into feelings of failures, but the truth is these “failures” are in your life because the road you are on is ending short for a reason.   I know, I hate hearing that “everything happens for a reason”.  My immediate response to that person is to yell “F*CK YOUR REASON!” but you can’t because then you are considered aggressive and negative…


Right when you think you’ve figured things out, you got your diet on point, your routine on schedule and life just feels easy, BAM…the Universe (or God) plays a nice fat joke on you.

“Don’t get too comfortable”, it says, “this isn’t the end of your road.”

These are the times when your character is tested;  are you going to keep repeating the same patterns of self-pity or will you keep pushing and dig for that light at the end of the tunnel?  Nobody can tell you how you are supposed to react during your tough times.  You are entitled to your reactions, your feelings and thoughts but we all know sitting in negativity for too long breeds negativity to be drawn to you.    Because of that find a way to feel encouraged.


The world will not always offer you encouragement.  Often you must supply your own.  Many times you’ll have good reason to feel sorry for yourself.  Yet you can just as easily choose to feel encouraged about yourself. 

Reach deep inside and find the goodness that is always there, the goodness you may have forgotten about. 

Fell the positive purpose that nothing can take away from you.  You are worthy and relevant, effective and capable of the very best.  Remind yourself often.  

Keep in mind that every disappointment is temporary.  Every frustration can be overcome.  There is every reason to persist, to endure and to move forward with the most positive of expectations.  Because deep within, you know you can. – DailyOM

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