Adulting So Hard: Home Shopping

As you may remember, I made the decision to adult and buy a home.  House hunting has been such an emotional process; the highs finding “the” home followed by the lows after not getting it.  To make things worse for me, I began my process with a Bitch of a .  Forgive my language, but there is no better way of saying it.   I’m not about to smear her name all over my internet, but if you’re live in the Phoenix area and looking for a Realtor, I’d be happy to let you know who you should avoid.

Why was she so terrible? Because her “expertise” in working with first time home buyers is all about taking advantage of them. She is the reason why Realtors have a shady name.  Both times that I tried to put an offer in on a house, I felt like I was negotiating my offer with HER, not the seller! All she did was hard sell me into putting asking price as my initial offer.  Who does that?!  Now true, we are in a seller’s market and I had accepted that no matter what I buy, I will be paying top dollar, BUT I had my budget. And guess who never asked about my budget? MY REALTOR!  I’m sure there were moments where she really was trying to teach me about the process, but when I say, “I want to put an offer in on this house” and her response is an immediate justification as to why SHE is going to write the offer for asking price without asking ME what I wanted….it’s kind of hard to listen.   Anyway, I made the decision to cut my ties and worked with a Realtor that my sister recommended and boy, the experience was night and day!

First of all, she asked to meet with me immediately and didn’t just settle for a phone call which I really liked.  She explained everything to me.  In fact, she told me so much stuff that I had never heard from my other realtor. When I found a home that I wanted, she provided so much detailed information on the comps and the HOA. Before, I naively trusted the word of the previous realtor on the comps and information which was my fault, but being a new home shopper, you don’t realize what you don’t know until you know it.  I didn’t ask the questions I asked my current realtor to my old one because these things never came up for me to question.  Partially was the shadiness of the realtor and part of it was me, but I tried to do as much research on my own as I could but it just wasn’t enough.  Thankfully my gut told me when something was off even if I couldn’t directly pinpoint it.
This new Realtor was amazing and when it came time to putting in an offer knowing I was up against 3 other potential buyers, the only thing she did was provide me with all the information I needed to make MY decision and said, “put in what you think the house is worth”.  She never pressured me, she never tried to sell me on my raising my budget, we discussed the reality of losing the house and the decision I may need to make to walk away, and most importantly, she respected that my top priority was keeping my mortgage within a certain number.

When I heard that I was countering against 3 other buyers, I really did not think I was going to get this house and she could tell I felt discouraged.  But low and behold, around 4 pm this past Thursday she gave me the call that quickly transitioned me into a real grown up!

Realtor: “They decided to accept your offer…”

Me: “….seriously?…”

Realtor: “Yes!”

Me: “Ohh….wow….I wasn‘t expecting that.”

I was in shocked and it honestly took exactly 24 hours for me to feel the real excitement of buying this house! It’s only been two days since I heard the news and I’m exhausted.  So many calls, emails, faxes, and appointments have been made. I honestly can’t believe how quick this is all happening but I’m so excited it is.

I’m adulting.  I’m adulting so hard right now!

(I may or may not have been spending a lot of time on Pinterest…Oh, I’m going to be so busy!)

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