100-year-old breaks world records

FullSizeRender (29)This past weekend an 100-year-old man, Don Pellmann, broke 5 world records at the San Diego Senior Olympics.   5 world records…100 years old…what in the world?!  Aside from being impressed by the age and athletic ability of this man, he also shared with us some wise tips on his health ways of the world.  In his Fox Interview he was asked what was the key to his success.

His response?

Eat sensibly and exercise.

Hold the press! That’s it? That’s Don’s trick? No pill, no voodoo drink every morning? Fasting? Carbs? Fats? What?? Just eat sensibly and exercise?

Yes guys, it’s that simple. There isn’t a formula and it’s not that complicated; people make it complicated. Eat sensibly and exercise! What I love about Don’s interview is that he mentions he never had a coach or trainer which goes to show you don’t NEED to hire someone to make changes towards being healthy. Sure, trainers are great and if you can find a way to fit it into your budget, which I know you can if you stopped buying all the bullshit you don’t really need, then that’s great. But if for some reason you cannot make it work to hire a trainer then just get moving and start eating sensibly. Read and research, ask questions, experiment, take risks, but most importantly just START something and STOP making excuses.

If Don can break 5 world records at 100 years old then why can’t you get off your couch?

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