12 Weeks Out: Getting Down To Business

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I would love to sit here and tell you that I was on point with my Holiday treats and cheats but no, that was not the case at all.  We went to Pine Top for Christmas and did nothing but veg and it was exactly what the doctor ordered.  There were moments of guilt that past me but honestly, sometimes you just need to not give a shit and let your hair down and that is exactly what I did.  Is it wise to do that so closely to my 12 week mark? Eh…maybe not. But the eatable satisfaction is done with and now it’s time to get back to work.

Reppin’ SJU workout gear! #SJUAlmuni

If you know me at all then you know that I am terrible at Math.  I bring this up because I had been counting down the weeks wrong for the longest time and have been giving myself an extra week to buffer mistakes #dumbass.  As of this past Friday I am officially 12 weeks out from my show not the 13 like I had thought.   I think I’ve passed the that road block of fears because the only thing I can feel  is excitement; excitement to put in the work, excitement to push myself hard, excitement for the challenges and of course excitement to be on stage.

So what does 12 weeks mean?

Well for one, it means no more cheating and sticking to the plan 100%.  Of course I am human and the second I hear “no cheating” my brain turns into “cheat. You must cheat. 100% cheating.” However, I know in order for me to succeed at this I need to slow my shit down and focus on one day at a time. Keep my end goal in mind but worry only about my present, not the future.   Easier said then done.

Each day is going to feel different and will present different obstacles. It’s important to me to give each day my current 100%. I don’t believe that 100% is equal across the board.  I believe it varies based on the condition of your present stressors and how your body is reacting to it. So listening to my body but pushing myself to it’s max on that day, not what my max was yesterday or the week before, is what I plan to strive for (HRV training will assist in that).

You see my friends it’s time to get serious.  Sacrifices will be made, emotions will run wild, doubts will fester, excitement will hit me and my social life may alter a bit.  I’m about to get on a the crazy roller coaster of serious prep business but I’m looking forward to see how this process will turn out this time around.

Get Comfortable with being Uncomfortable.

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