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267210_10100914546214127_661545505_nWhere It All Began:
In 2013 I decided to face my fear and make a dream come true by competing in my first NPC Bikini Competition.   With my decision in competing I decided to create a blog, this blog, Beauty In the Buff, to document my journey. Shit, it was one hell of a ride!  Overcoming many emotional and physical barriers with this challenge I placed 5th in my first show!  Just so you know, that’s kind of a big deal…at least in my head!

Beauty In the Buff has become a safe place where women can learn to love themselves.   It’s not easy being comfortable in the skin you are in but you are never alone.   I’ll share with you my hardest moments, greatest challenges and how I overcame them, fitness tips, yummy recipes, and most importantly educate you on how to take care of your body with delicious foods.   Anyone can live on and off a diet, but not many people know how to find the balance of food happiness.   Do you really want to spend the rest of your live counting calories, macros, worried about carbs and fats or feeling guilty because you aren’t chewing sugar free gum? Squirrelfriend, let’s get it together and find your fit!

Beware: I am a girl that enjoys to date and tell. You’ll see a sprinkle of funny dating stories on here as well.  Hey, every single girl needs a good laugh!

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Kristine, Almost Fitmous

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Nutrition Certificates

Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach from NESTA (August 2013)
Certified Lifestyle Weight Management Specialist from NESTA (January 2014)
Holistic Nutrition Specialist from Southwest Instutite of Healing Arts (In Progress)

Competition History

NPC Muscle Beach Championships: 5th Place Bikini Class C, 6th Place Novice



  1. Hey girl! Your blog is very inspiring! I’m struggling with the same things myself saying “one day” but not acting on it. My boyfriend is doing his first show in June. I train with him everyday, eat the same meals(weighed out to my portion sizes of course!), live the bodybuilding lifestyle. You taking the leap of faith and competing is awesome and your placing on your first show is AMAZING! I hope to do my first show in 2014. Good luck in all that you do!

    • Hey Amanda! Thanks for the sweet comment. That is awesome that you are living the bodybuilding lifestyle with your boyfriend. I went through my first prep by myself and it is hard. Having someone by your side who “gets it” makes it little bit easier. Good luck to your future show in 2014! I hope to hear about it!!

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